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One post a day keeps the doctor away

August 1, 2016

Hello cupcakes!

How are you doing on this fine Monday? Not too bad I hope!
Alright, you got me, that title is totally made-up. I have no experience in medecine and therefore cannot backup my claim that a post a day keeps the doctor away. What is true is that I will be trying to write one post everyday for the month of August! 

"Isn't that a bit insane?" you might be asking yourself.
Well yes, it is. But ever since I saw someone do it last summer, I've been waiting for summer 2016 to try it myself!

I'm writing this post on July 12th, and it's the method I hope to use to crush this challenge, as well as blogging in general after that: scheduling post in advance. What a crazy idea, right?
But serisouly, by the time August starts, my goal is to have at least half of my posts scheduled, and I'll keep writing content in advance so that once school starts again, I'll be able to take a few days off here and there to adjust. (This plan will so blow up in my face!)

Take care guys!