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Since when do books have "seasons"?

July 21, 2016

Summer is in full swing and I find myself looking at my rather big TBR pile and skimming over a lot of books because they aren't "summer books" to me. Since when do books have season? That, my friend, is the subject of today's discussion.
Chick lit, easy read, light read... I'm sure you've heard them all to describe the books people typically want to read during summer. For me, a summer book is a synonym of contemporary, which fits in with everything I just said because contemporaries are usually "lighter read" than, let's say, fantasy.

So why do people associate summer with this certain type of books?

Perhaps because summer is a time to relax, to take some vacation and put our brain to off for a while. I can understand that, I've had the same train of thought. But on the other hand, shouldn't it be the opposite?

When summer is finally here and you're on vacation, you're brain has all this "free space" that is usually occupied by school or work. It's the perfect time to get into that fantasy book you've been eyeing for so long, or that thriller/murder mystery that's been siting on your shelf since forever: you finally have the time and energy to dedicate yourself entirely to this complex new world or to this crazy-intense investigation!

What I find funny is that for me, although I keep thinking that summer is a time for "easy" books, I read one of my favorite contemporary novel during winter, and discovered a GREAT fantasy series during summer.

In the end, this entire season thing is complete bullshit. But we, or at least I, still buy into it.

What do you think cupcakes? Did you ever associate certain books or genre with seasons? If so, why?