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August 31, 2016

Here it is, the last of August.
The last day of my challenge.
The last post for a while.

I did it guys! I didn't give up halfway through! *slaps herself on the back "good job Sophie"*

I wrote 30 posts (this being the 31st) in a row during the past month. Let's take a look at what happened, shall we?

I wrote some pretty awesome reviews, thank you very much!
For me, writing reviews is a surprise; I never know if I'll have inspiration right away, if halfway through I'll be like "yeah, I got this!", or if I'll finish writing it, thinking "I've done better". Here are the ones that made me very proud this past month!

  • The Awesome, what a perfect title! This book was such an amazing discovery, thanks to the wonderful lady who helped me at Chapters, and I like how I was able to put my thoughts into words!
  • I FOUND the HIDDEN Oracle amazing! It had been a while since I had read that book and I ended up writing a list of things that make this book so good and looking back it now, it's a pretty good list!
  • Books like this exist to let you know you're not alone. Watching Traffic has to be my favorite book of the year so far. I was scared of writing this review because I was scared of not doing the story and characters justice. In the end, I'm very proud f what I wrote; it's actually one of my best review in my opinion.
  • Welcome on my list of favorite authors, Jeff! The Greatest Zombie Movie ever was a great book. My review of it? Not so much; I couldn't get my thought in order and I got kind of frustrated! With this one, I feel like I finally made Jeff Strand's writing justice!
Beside reviews, I wrote a lot of other posts, including these one I really enjoyed sharing with you guys!
  • I had a lot of fun creating a guide on how to write a YA synopsis. Check it out here!
  • I shared some quotes I find really inspirational over here!
  • It was my birthday and I shared 18 things that made me proud of myself this past year. Not related to books I know, but it was nice to reflect on the past year and write down why I'm happy with myself! If you want to read it and learn a bit more about me, click here!
  • I shared what's going on behind the screen in this post here.

In that last post, I talked about everything that's happening in my life right now and because of that "everything", I will definitely not be posting as often as I did during August. In fact, chances are I'll go back to one post per week, maybe more, maybe less; I'll just go with the flow. School is starting next week and the last thing I want is for blogging to become another source of stress!

So that's it. This concludes my 31 posts in a month challenge! I had so much fun doing it and I hope you had fun following me along the way!

As always, take care lovelies!