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I think my third eye needs glasses...

August 28, 2016

Hi cupcakes!

August is almost over, when did that happen?!?!

On another note, I am officially moved in my dorm! It still doesn't seem real, but it's my home for the next eight months...!

Back to the point of this post, here's what you can expect this week:

  • A review of a book I haven't chosen yet
  • A list of my favorite books I brought with me to college
  • A post to conclude this challenge!
Yup, only three posts this week because August is ending and school is starting and once I finish my challenge, I'll slow down the pace a little to adjust to my new life as a uni student.

"Things" of the week

Book: Watching Traffic, by Jane Ozkowski. This book really hit close to home and especially now that I'm living away from home, it's comforting to have it with me!
Scent: basil. Yes, basil again, my mother made me pesto before going back home and it smells GOOD!
Question: When are you starting school?

Take care lovelies!