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Well this is different...

August 30, 2016

You know, I had planned a review for today, but the truth is, I haven't finished a book in a long time and I just moved in my dorm, four hours from home and a review is the last thing on my mind. So instead, I'm gonna write a "traditional" blog post and tell you all about what's going on with me.

The biggest thing happening right now is that I just moved away from home to go to university. You know, it's one thing when someone asks what and where you'll be studying and you answer "I'll be going there next year". It's another thing when next years is now. It's another thing when you find yourself alone in a new city, with people you don't know. It's another thing when you're waving goodbye to your family, crying because they're going back to the home you've always known while you're staying in your new home.

You know, books and tv shows and movie, they make it seem like a piece of cake. I remember that scene in Gilmore Girls when Rory calls her mom and she comes back to her dorm to spend the night with her. I can't call my mom to ask her that, she's too far away. Besides, so far so good, I'm not homesick yet. But bottom line is, real life isn't like Gilmore Girls. In real life, I arrived early, meaning I'm left almost alone on my floor, with three other girls out of the twenty we'll be in a few days. In real life, opening your door doesn't equal instant friends.
In real life, not all universities offer a meal plan. This means that not only are you going from living with your family to living without them, but you're also learning how to cook, how to do everything for yourself. Which is the greatest thing you'll do, besides having kids (probably), but it's not a piece of cake. Going grocery shopping alone for real and for the first time is an adventure.

There are a LOT of firsts that will happen this years. A LOT is going to change.

I'm not the first one to live this experience and I certainly won't be the last, but it doesn't change the fact that this, what I'm living right now, is a big step into a new life that's starting.

I know I'll be fine. I kind of don't have a choice. But before being fine, I still have to wrap my head around the fact that is my life. This is my home. This is me, growing up. And while it's so very exciting, it's scary as hell.

But, as a friend told me before I left: As long as you don't die, consider it a success!