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18 years alive, a lot more to go!

August 27, 2016

Hello cupcakes!

Today's my birthday, which means I've been on this planet for 18 years. I thought long and hard (5 minutes) about what kind of post I wanted to share. While some bloggers (Alexandra, from Twirling Pages) have made some awesome posts with lessons they learned and all of that, I don't have the time nor the wisdom to come up with 18 lessons/advice. Instead, I'm bringing it all back to me today and I'm sharing 18 things that made me proud of myself this past year.

~Finishing high school~

~Graduating at the top of my class~

~Sticking with my commitments~

~Moving to university~

~Keeping true to me~

~Running a 10k~

~Actually learning guitare~

~Promoting and being proud of being French~

~Writing the speech for my graduation~

~Steping up when no one would~

~Becoming more acceptant, less judgmental~

~Letting go of things that kept me down~

~Getting my driver's liscence~

~Completing NaNoWriMo for a third time~

~Learning to cook~

~Having somewhat of a plan for the future~

~Sticking with Sailing Throuh Books~

~Being the young woman I am today~

Even if today is not your birthday, I hope you're proud of yourself too because you have every reason to be.

Take care lovelies!