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Top Ten Books I brought with me to uni - Top Ten Tuesday

August 30, 2016
This weekly feature was created by the lovely gals over at The Broke and the Bookish

Hi cupcakes!

The last Top Ten Tuesday of August is here! And to celebrate school that's starting again, the topic for this week is a freebie concerning "back to school".

Because this was a serious matter for me, I'm sharing with you today ten books (out of many more) that I brought with me to uni that I'm most excited to read!

Eggs an Spoon
This one, not gonna lie, I bought mostly because of the cover and title. The story sounds good too, but that title! And that cover! They're just so original!

Red Rising
Where I worked in Ottawa, we had that book (in French) for a long time. I remembered it being very popular in English, but when I read the synopsis in French, I wasn't all jazzed about it. Then a week before leaving for uni, guess what book I find for 5$? The synopsis was a lot better in English and let's just say I'm really pumped to read Red Rising!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
I'll be frank, I wasn't planning on buying/reading this book for a while, but a friend gave it to me as a birthday gift and now that I have a copy, I'm really excited to get to it!

The Glittering Court
I love Richelle Mead and I've been wanting to read this book since I got it the week it came out. Which was a long time ago...

Such a cool idea! It might be my next read...!

I'll meet you there
I wanted to read this book this summer, but unfortunately I never got to it. Looks amazing though, I can't wait to pick it up!

Clockwork angel
You know, I want to give this one a second chance and I really hope I enjoy it more than I did the first time I tried reading it.

Since you've been gone
I read Beautiful Broken Things this summer and I was disappointed by how the story turned out. This book, like Beautiful Broken Things, dwells into the subject of female friendship and I have high hopes for it!

Magnus Chase
How many time will this book be on my TTT lists? I don't know, maybe until I finally read it? What I do know is that it's on my shelf in my dorm room and I'm really pumped to get to it. 

The Night Circus
I got this book at a used bookstore: it was just standing there, acting all nochalent. I picked it up and put it back down on my shelf at home. Then I picked it up again and put it back down on my shelf in my dorm room. And now, I want to pick it up again and put it down once I'm done reading it.

Take care lovelies,


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