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The stars are telling me...

August 7, 2016

When I decided to give myself the challenge of writing a post everyday for a month, I didn't want it to be boring. So I chose one weekly feature, decided to review as much books as possible and share some discussions and thoughts, add two or three different posts in there for good measure and do weekly previews. Today will be one of those weekly preview.

What can you expect in the next seven days?

Well cupcakes, this upcoming week is a fun one. You will have the incredible chance to...

  • Read not one, but two reviews! *cue the crowd's excitement* 
  • Read a very fun list, thanks to Top Ten Tuesday!
  • Rest your beautiful eyes on a made-up synopsis I created for WIFSY, and while you're at it, give it a try yourself!
  • Enjoy a very interesting discussion about my memory problems!
  • Cry a little as I praise the awesome human being that you are!
Doesn't it sound exciting? 

As for myself, I will be finishing Power Girl, a very interesting comic book that a friend from work lent me. Speaking of, this week will mark my last week at said workplace, because I'm moving to university soon... 
It will not be pretty, it will be bittersweet and tears will be shed. 


I asked you guys on Twitter for book recommendations featuring female LGBTQ characters and bisexual characters; your response was amazing! Thanks to your amazing suggestions, I'll be starting Not Otherwise Specified this week, as it is currently available at my local library!

And now for you dear readers, your week will *hopefully* be spent listening to this amazing song: We come running, from Youngblood Hawke! I've personally been listening to it non stop all summer!

Have an amazing week cupcakes and always remember to... blink! (you thought I was going to say "smile", didn't you?) (oh god, this was so bad!)