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Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus book tag - Happy Birthday Percy!

August 18, 2016

Hello fellow demigods!

In case you didn,t know (shame on you if it's the case), todays is Percy Jackson's birthday and in honour of this special date, I decided to do the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus Book Tag, created a couple of years ago, by Michelle over at The Writing Hufflepuff.

Michelle created the tag in anticipation of the release of Blood of Olympus, the last books in the HoO series. Since the book has been out for quite some time now, I will be skipping some questions, just to let you guys know.

Let's get on with the tag!

Your fatal flaw when it comes to books
I always read the last sentence, sometimes the entire last pages, before even starting a book. Most of the time, it doesn't make sens untill I actually get to the end, which is why do it in the first place.

The Hestia on your bookshelves

A book you feel is underappreciated

The Graveyard book, by Neil Gaiman. 

Everyone has heard of Coraline, probably saw the movie too, and a lot of people are now reading American Gods because of the TV show that's in the making. Compared to them, The Graveyard book is so underrated and it's a shame because having read every single one of Neil Gaiman's novels, I think it's his best one

Oh no! Hades is wearing his Boo Cap!

A book that scared you

Bad girls don't die, by Katie Alender

Not a lot of YA book have actually given me chills. This one? I had to put it down at night!

To the Zeus Cave!

Your favourite spot to read
I don't have a favorite spot, I read everywhere.

A book you’d fall into Tartarus for to get your hands on

The second book in The trials of Apollo series.

Rick Riordan is the myth  sass master

The sassiest book you’ve read

The Awesome, by Eva Darrows. This book guys, THIS BOOK! It was the best! You can read my review over here!
Now some love for the series themselves
Favourite minor character?
Reyna all the way. I love that girl!

Favourite book in the entire series?

The Mark of Athena.

Favourite and least favourite God? (be careful, you don’t want to bit by lightning, or get turned into a dolphin or…)
Every god had his or her moment through the Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus series, but thinking back now, I really like Hades. Yeah, he was the bad guy in
The lightning thief, but he was always the black sheep of the family, which makes me like him a little bit more. Least favorite is Hera. #sorrynotsorry
Your Godly parent?
Athena, Aphrodite, or Demeter.

How important are the books to you and why?

I started reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians seriee in French when I was in seventh grade. I quickly finished it and when
The Lost Heroe came out, it was one of the first books I read in English. I had a real hard time with English when I was younger and these books helped me get better. 
Aside from that, it's not with Harry, Ron and Hermione that I grew up, but with Percy, Annabeth and Grover. The Percy Jackson universe is the fictional universe in which I spent the most time, it's home for me. These books are also the only books I actually re-read.

How important are they, you ask? They simply are. So much.

A message to Uncle Rick?
Thank you for years of awesomeness. Thank you for creating such a wonderful universe, for creating such diverse characters and for creating stories that will be with me untill I'm old and walking with a cane. Thank you.
Tag at least five demigods
Anyone who wants to celebrate Percy Jackson!

Have a nice birthday Percy! And to you cupcakes, have a lovely day!