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I FOUND the HIDDEN oracle amazing!

August 15, 2016

Title: The Hidden Oracle
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release date: May 3rd 2016
Rating: ★½

Alright cupcakes, I've been meaning to write this review for fours months now so lets get this show on the road. Here are all the reasons why The Hidden Oracle is fantabulous!

~Old friends make a come back~

Percy? Yeah, we got to see him again. And Nico too. *double-chin-grins* My heart might have melted through my rib cage a little as I read those scenes! 

~Post war with Gaea~

If only to know how everyone and everything turned out since the war in Heroes of Olympus, you NEED to read The Hidden Oracles. We get news from everyone from Piper to Frank, to Annabeth and Jason... And I'll just take a moment here to say back off to everyone bashing Piper and Jason for not being as good as Percy and Annabeth. THEY WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE OR REPLACE THEM! They are their own person, different but just as lovable as everyone else.

~Funny Haikus~

I died guys. I actually died and came back to life to share this piece of information with you. Remember those funny chapters title in PJ and HoO? Well, brace yourself for a ton of hilarious three lines poems, because that's what you're in for at the beginning of every chapters!

~Funny everything~

Actually, you know what? Just warn everyone around you that you will most definitely burst out laughing every now and then because Rick Riordan's humour is at its best in this book! Okay, maybe there's nothing remarkably new in that department, but it's still just as exciting as ever!


You know, everyone's talking about how we need more diversity in YA, or well, books in general. Authors are starting to write about characters with different nationalities, different mental illnesses, and different sexualities. I repeat, they are starting. Progress still needs to be made, but I think Rick Riordan is among the first YA authors to have a bisexual main character and it was, to put it simply, great.

~Imperfect MC~

Speaking of main characters, Apollo was a great one! What made this book really interesting to me was the way Apollo had to adapt to not being a god anymore. The development he went through as a character was remarkable and really nice to follow! At the beginning of the book, he still acted godly, high and mighty. Slowly, as the story unfold and as he grew as a person, Apollo aquired more and more human traits, while battling with his godly side. It was great!

~Different than PJ~

I feel like I had to add this one for every skeptics out there: The Hiddenn Oracle is very different than Percy Jackson as a series and Apollo, also known as Lester Papadopoulos in the book, is very different from Percy Jackson as a character. Yeah, both book/series have a quest as the main plot point, like A LOT of others books/series out there, but the story arc remains different. And Percy an Apollo? They couldn't have more divergent personalities!


I mean, do I need to say more? After that last bit in Heroes of Olympus, it was flipping amazing to see Leo's name again. And SPOILER ALERT CLOSE YOUR EYES IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THIS BOOK YET we get to see him in the next book as a possible main character too? Excuse me while I go die a second time. END OF SPOILER.

~New quest~

As I quickly mentioned above, this series will be completely different. The plot has been very interesting so far and I can't wait to see where Rick Riordan takes us in the next book!

~It's Rick Riordan, come on!~

Have you read the first book in the Trials of Apollo series? Got anything to add to this list? 

Take care cupcakes!

Those who liked Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus will love this book, and so will those who didn't because The Hidden Oracle is something new and amazing!