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Man, one of my tarot cards is missing!

August 21, 2016

Hello cupcakes!

Is this post late again? Yes it is. Am I sorry? Not really, it's just how things are. Shall we get to the good stuff? Yes we shall!

What to expect this upcoming week

This week will be full of emotions!

  • For one, I am moving Friday and I am turning 18 this Saturday, August 27th!
  • You will have the chance to laugh and cry as I present to you some of my favorite quotes!
  • Your eyes will have the unique experience of reading two of my reviews
  • I will share with you my thoughts on a topic that will be quite interesting (although I haven't decided which one yet)
  • You will be witness to my shame as I share with you some books that have been on my TBR for more than a year now.
"Things" of the week

Book: Equal Rites, by Terry Pratchett. I met a fellow Discworld fan and she made me want to get back into the series!
Scent: Apple and cinnamon. I am, in fact, drinking an apple-cinnamon herbal tea and it smells GOOD!
Question: If you could be a colour, which one would you be and why?

Have a marvelous week, lovelies!