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I like clichés, which means I'm not a cliché.

August 20, 2016

Every reader seem to agree on the fact that they don't like seeing clichés in books. We're talking love triangle, the ordinary, boring MC who turns out to be special, the good girl falling for the bad boy...

And then there's me, who actually still enjoys them.
Let's take love triangles for example. Usually, when it comes up in a conversation, I'll say that it can be very interesting when it is well written. Truth is, well written or not, I'm still a sucker for it!
Even when the outcome is obvious, I enjoy following the MC as he/she tries to make the right choice. To us outsiders, it might seem overly dramatic at times, but I bet every single one of you have experienced having to make a choice that, while being very obvious to your friend and/or family, was really hard for you, if only just that one time when you were young(er).  

Then there's the MC that turns out to be a unique little flower. As much as it can be annoying at times, it's still fun to read for me because A: I wonder what makes that character so special (Powers? Heritage? Destiny?) and B: because as cheesy as it sounds, it's always a reminder that "normal" people, like me, can achieve greatness.

And the good girl falling for the bad boy? Puh-lease, tell me you've never dreamed of being that girl and I'll kiss your shoes or somethinh because I sure as hell have and man do I live through those stories!

In conclusion, I might seem like a cliché for liking clichés, but since no one likes them, I have become a minority, which makes me not a cliché. Unless you, too, secretly still like them? Are you still following?

It is getting very late guys, so I'll end this here and tell you good night, sleep tight and dream about nice things.

Take care!