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Let's go on an adventure! -Top Ten Tuesday-

August 16, 2016
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by the lovely gals over at The Broke and the Bookish. 

Hello my little sprinkles!

This week's topic for Top Ten Tuesday was books with X setting, and I decided that I would take you on an adventure to the best magical lands of all the magical lands! Are you ready? Billy, did you pack some bandaids just in case? Let's go!

The first stop in our adventure is Harry Potter.

When it comes to magical setting, Hogwarts is the obvious choice, and with reasons! But we're not staying here too long, we still have nine other stops to make!

The second book on our itinerary is Coraline. 

The alternate universe in Coraline is as fascinating as it is creepy. Or at leat, that's what people say. Me? I simply find it it mesmerizing! 

Alright folks, were going from one alternate universe to another: Neverwhere!

London Below is mysterious and dangerous place. Stay close and don't get lost, or you may never get out...!

Everybody's with me? Where's Billy? Alright, let's go meet Alice in Wonderland!

Alice is such a sweet girl, with wonderful friends! Though beware of the red queen if your head means anything to you!

What did you say Billy? You thought that was weird? Wait till we get to the Discworld!

A world that is balanced on four elephants standing on a giant turtle who's floating through the universe. It doesn't get better, or more magical, than this!

Have you ever been in the back of a closet? No? then follow me, we're going to Narnia!

Narnia is, ladies, gentlemen and Billy, one of the most magical place there is in literature. Take it all in, and then come back in a few years!

Let's take a day to rest with Name of the Wind.

Temerant is a great place to take a break and listen to some interesting stories...!

Billy, why is there a dragon chasing you? Nevermind, we'll just stop at Fablehaven.

Fairies, dragon, witches... you name it, Fablehaven has it! Filled with magic and wonders, this sanctuary will captivate you!

To end our trip, we're going to camp. Shadow Falls, here we come!

Shapeshifters, fairies, vampires, werewolves, witches... Love might be in the air in this book, but so is magic!

Thanks to Billy, we got kicked out of Shadow Falls, but it's alright, we can go to Camp Half Blood!

Greek mythology, gods, awesome powers... This series made my childhood magical, it's one of the best story taking place in a magical world I have ever read.

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure. And Billy, please go home and never sign up for an activity with me again. Thank you.

What books would you add to the list?

Take care lovelies,