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-Top Ten Tuesday- Ten characters you just didn't click with

September 1, 2015

We all have people with whom we just don't click. You know that classmate that just annoys you? Or that coworker you simply can't stand? Well, for readers, this also happens with characters. And it just so happens that this week's Top Ten Tuesday is about just that! (because I obviously did not write this intro after I saw it...;D)

For me, the characters that I didn't click with are pretty much all part of books I didn't like, because the characters in question are part of the reason I did not like the books in the first place. Makes sense?

Anyways, without further due, I present to you...


10 - Clary, from The Mortal Instrument series
She wasn't that bad, but I just have a hard time when the main character whines all the time about everything. Get your shit together!

9 - Elena, from the Vampire Diaries series
It's every girl's dream to have two beautiful guys who want to date you, so don't go complaining about it! Just chose one already!

8 - Harper, from Rebel Belle
If a character needs to specify why she or he doesn't like to cuss, he or she immediately loses some of my respect. Don't want to swear? Fine! But do NOT make a big deal about it!

7 - Rhine, from The Chemical Garden trilogy
It didn't click between us Rhine; it's not you, it's me. Really. 

6 - Marisa, from Waiting for you
Like I explained in my review, she was not what I expected her to be and I had a hard time relating to her because of that.

5 - Evie, Immortal
Another case of I-have-everything-yet-I-can't-be-happy. Poor thing! Not.

4 - Denise, from the Charley Davidson series
Worst step-mom in the universe. I share Charley's hate towards her.

3 - Nat, from Frozen
If your character is going to be ''special'', with powers that no one else has, the key to saving humanity type-thing, she or he better be awesome. Sadly, Nat wasn't. 

2 - Zoe Redbird, from the House of Night series
Has what, five boyfriends at the same time basically? Super cool powers, amazing friends and yet, keeps complaining about god knows what!

1 - Britt, from Black Ice
I'm a bit ashamed to know that female MCs are represented in someway by Britt..


this meme was created by The Broke and the Bookish