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- TOP TEN TUESDAY - Ten books that are on my fall TBR

September 22, 2015
This is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Sweaters, scarves, hot chocolate, boots...

Yes, my favorite season is finally upon us! And this week's TTT is about just that: which books are on my Fall TBR.

I do not have a lot of upcoming new releases on it because I'm trying to finish the books I have at home before buying some more...
But let's be real, we all not I'll end up taking a trip to Chapters sometimes in the next months!
Without further due, let,s get right into it!


1 - Eve and Adam
I bought this book this summer and still haven't gotten around to reading it. I do love Michael Grand so I am very excited to dive into the story!

2 - The summer I learned to fly
Another book I bought this summer. It seems interesting and it's a new author. It'll be interesting to read something new!

3 - Captivate
Ah! This book I am excited to read because I want to know if it is equally good as the first one!

4 - Neverwhere
I have had this book for a very long time. And Neil Gaiman is one of my FAV author. Why haven't I read it yet? I do not know. I do know that I will fix this problem soon.

5 - Reboot
This story sounds so cool! It's actually a book talk I watched on YouTube that made me want to read it. The concept of it just seems really original. Hopefully, I will not be disappointed!

6 - The evolution of Mara Dyer
The first volume in this trilogy was really good. Scary and intense, but good. I can not wait to read book two!

7 - Clockwork Angel
If you've looked around in my archives, you will have notice that I read the Mortal Instruments series. It was alright, but I want ready to jump back in the shadowhunter's world. But now? With the TV show coming out and me being tired of hearing people taking about Will Herondale, I finally got my hand on the Infernal Devices trilogy. Hopefully, I'll enjoy it a bit more than TMI!

8 - The sword of summer
Do I even need to explain this one? The new RR's series is coming out on October 6 and trust me when I say that I am ready to go camp in front of the door to get this book.

9 - The confessions of Georgia Nicolson #05
I figured it's been a while since I hung out with Georgia, so I'll continue her series in the next months.

10 - Mystery Owl Crate book!
Okay, so a 3 month subscription to this amazing YA subscription box was my birthday gift and the first box I will receive (the September one) just shipped yesterday! The theme this month is Leading Ladies and I am so excited to see what the mystery book is going to be it's unreal! I will do an unboxing post with pictures and a lot of happy face! If you want to check out the website, click here!

That's it guys! These are the ten books I really want to get through during Fall.

What about you? Any stories you are dying to read in your comfy sweater while
sipping hot chocolate?