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OwlCrate unboxing

September 25, 2015

As I mention in a previous post, I got a subscription to OwlCrate for my birthday!
For those of you ho do not know what OwlCrate is:

Every month we'll send you a magical box tailored to a chosen YA theme (e.g. paranormal, first love, dystopia.) Each box will contain one new Young Adult novel, as well as 3-5 other bookish keepsakes to help set the mood for your literary adventure. 
from the official website

And guess what? I received my first box today! This month's them was Leading Ladies.

In it was:

-A super nice dauntless tote bag

-A very pretty arrow necklace referring to the Hunger Games trilogy

-A Game of Throne figurine

-Dumplin' the new release from author Julie Murphy

-Some cool postcard/pictures of Hermione

-A divergent bookmark

-A written note by Julie Murphy

-A Dumplin' sticker

Receiving this kind of box in the mail is truly amazing! I recommend to every single one of you to sign up for the next boxes because it is simply wonderful!
Thank you to the OwlCrate team and to every contributor!