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September 15, 2015
This week, it's up to us to decide what we want to do for Top Ten Tuesday so I decided to rent about the ugly translation covers!
It's sad, but most of the translated books get ugly covers. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but sadly, some covers could REALLY use a makeover! It particularly sucks when one of your favorite book has an ugly cover and people you recommend it to turn it down because of it.
Some of the following images will be plain ugly, and others will be there for reasons that will be explained.
To the right you will find the original cover and to the left, the ugly translated version of it. Without further due, here are the ten covers I think could use a serious change!

1- First off are by far the ugliest covers I have ever seen : the French edition of The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. All of the French editions of every RR's book are not so pretty to be honest, but The Red Pyramid is the worst.

2- Then we have the Divergent series! The original was way better, let's leave it at that.

3- Daughter of Smoke and Bone could use a little improvement too!

4- In number four we have the Artemis Fowl series. Is it just me or does the Artemis we see on the French edition looks like a robot?

5- Five! The Mortal Instruments series. I'm not sure if those random lines are suppose to be runes or what...

6- Number six, The Darkest Mind series. Somebody had WAY too much fun with the saturation button...

7- The Vampire Academy series! The new covers are not ugly, but it's the face of Angelina Jolie I want to see, not a red background with a random flower!

8- Eight! The Hunger Games! Yes, the French edition has that ''poster'' on the front. (without all the movie details of course) It would be ok, if it wasn't a sketch made to look like a photograph!

9- The Age of X. The French cover is actually quite pretty, but it just does NOT suit the story! The English cover has a beautiful women who looks bad ass with her black uniform and her gun. A perfect representation of Mae. On the French cover, we have a random girl with no head, in a dress. How are you suppose to fight in a dress?!?

10-  Finally, You Against Me. I simply find the original much better.

Now, I know that some of the translated covers are sometimes actually available in the original language too. But usually, when it is the case, there is no other choice in the translated language. 

How about you guys? What are the ugliest covers you can think of?