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- WRIMOS UNITE - Pantsing VS Planning

September 18, 2015

Pantsing VS Planning

This is the ultimate debate when it comes to NaNoWriMo. Today, I will (hopefully) help you pick a method that works best for you.

What is PANTSING and why it is right for you
Pantsing is the art of ''flying by the seat of your pants'', as they say. It means to jump right into a story with no plan, no structure at all, just your head and an idea to guide you. 
It seems scary for some people, and it can be... or not if you are someone
-impulsive and/or spontaneous
-that enjoy surprise
-that like to go on adventures
Yes, adventures. When you choose the path of pantsing, writing your story becomes a journey. It's a path full of surprises that gives you all the freedom you could ever desire.

What is PLANNING and why it is right for you

Planning is the art of making a plan. It means creating a detailed outline of your plot and creating characters that you will know more than your friends.
It seems boring and long for some people, but it can be a hell lot of fun if you are 
-meticulous and/or analytical
-someone that enjoy knowing where they are going
-someone that enjoy being in control
When you plan in advance, you know where your story is heading. You can write any part you desire, beginning, end, middle, you pick! And you don't have to worry about anything because you know that in the end, everything will come together the way you imagined it.

Don't worry, you might find yourself in both of these category. I, for myself, am a pantser with some planing tendencies. I like to have a rough idea of where my story is going, but I don't like deciding everything in advance.

Both method are good, what matters is that YOU are comfortable with the one you choose. 

Happy writing!