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September 11, 2015
I shared my blog with my family not long ago and my grandpa was telling me how he read it and really enjoyed it. Then, he asked me about an acronym I had used in one of my post: VA.
This got me thinking that, to the people who are not fan of literature, things like VA might not mean anything to them. So today, I'm making a little guide about the lingo/acronyms that we, booklovers, use, so that new comers or people who are not part of this ''world'', if I may, can understand. Some of them might not be as frequent as others, but I use them, so they're here. Deal.

Without further due...


Advances Reader's Copy. Publishers will provide arcs to reviewers to create a buzz around a book before its release date.

Book Hangover

When you are still caught up in the last book you've read. When you can't get over it.

Book Slump
When you do not feel the flow anymore; you don't know what to read next or you don't feel like reading. 

Did Not Finish.
When you can't bring yourself to finish a book. In other words, books that got me like...

One of my ultimate favorites. In other words, books that got me like...

Harry Potter.
If you hadn't figured it out yet... well you should have.

J.K. Rowling.

Imagine the twelve gods of Olympus. You see them? Now imagine there was twelve gods of writing. JK Rowling would be one of them.

Percy Jackson
I talk A LOT about PJ so you better learn it!

Rick Riordan
Right there, besides JK Rowling and the other ten gods.

To Be Read.
People often talk about their TBR jar, or their summer/fall/vacation/etc TBR. It only represent the books they possess that they want/need to read. To have a TBR jar or pile, you need a certain amount of books. Something like this...
Just kidding! Kind of...!

Vampire Academy
Another one that  use a lot. I figured it was a good idea to put it in here!

Okay, I might have let myself get a little bit carried away with pictures... Some might say it's too much. And it probably is to be honest! But I wanted to make sure that every term/acronym was understood! (and I had a lot of fun researching all of them!)

If you have any other term/acronym related to the literary world, please let me know in the comments! I'll add them to this list or make another post, depending on your response!