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Scorch Trials - movie review -

September 21, 2015

"Good" my ass!

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing Scorch Trials movie that came out last week. 
As almost every book to movie adaptation made in the last few years, I have read the Maze Runner trilogy and I have a lot to say about this new movie.

Before getting into this, I want to advise everyone that this review will contain SPOILERS.

Let's begin!

Scorch Trial picks up exactly where the Maze Runner ended, which is Thomas and the gang escaping Wicked. They get transported to this ''safe zone'' where a ton of kids have already arrived, rescued from other maze. 
This man, Janson, explains to the kids that they are safe from wicked and that they are to remain in the facility until they're chosen to go to a "safe-haven''. Turns out the kids who are sent to this magical place end up brain dead, tied to some weird stuff, in a lab. You thought you had escaped Wicked? Think again!
Thomas and the gang manage to leave the facility with the help of a boy named Aris and they emerge in the desert, where they make the acquaintance of the cranks. Fortunately, they also meet Brenda and Jorge who save the day and end up taking them to this other, real, safe-haven. 
Finally in a place actually safe, everyone is starting to breath a little easier, until Wicked shows up again! Oh no! Teresa is the one who told them! 
Everyone fights to survive, Minho is taken and Thomas decides that he will take down Wicked.
The end.

So the main story arc was fine, pretty much like the book; but a lot of details were changed:

-There was WAY too many maze. In the book, there is one maze with girls and another with boys, that's it.
-The facility part was way off. Where were the hanging people? That part actually freaked me out while I was reading it, which does not happen often; I was waiting for them!
-The gang doesn't discover cool enigmatic tattoos on their neck, they only have alien-like bar codes.
-If I understood correctly, Janson is suppose to be rat man. He doesn't look like a rat, which I can understand because it's hard to find actors matching the exact description of a character. But no one even mentions his nickname *pouts like a little girl
-Wasn't the sun this deadly thing in the book? The gang travelled by night to avoid it, if my memory is correct. But in the movie? Nope, nothing wrong, every thing's cool. 
-Were there two "broken" cities in the book? I thought they met Brenda and Jorge right away... 
-Speaking of, Jorge was WAY too friendly. First time they meet, he takes Thomas aside and threatens to cut his hand (or ear? It's been a while guys, sorry)

After that, my memory gets kind of fuzzy. I don't remember Minho being taken, but I think that's just me. As you can tell, a lot changed in the movie. And I know that you can't fit everything in a screenplay, but the small details are the important parts and it would have been nice to see some of them in the Scorch Trials.

Now, this was my rant as a reader. Obviously, I'm going to notice and criticize everything that doesn't match the book; but it doesn't mean that it was a bad movie.

"Come on, guys!"

Scorch Trials was a very entertaining movie. The acting was good, there was Dylan O'Brien in it (*drools), and the story was well executed.

I would have liked to see more dialogue. There was a lot of running and "Come on guys!", which, I get it, it's called the Maze Runner series for a reason. But every actor, let it be Dylan, Kaya, Thomas or anyone else, have amazing talents and I feel like this movie did not do them justice.

Other than that, I have to give all the backstage crew a big high-five. The makeup artists who worked on the cranks did an incredible job of making them look scary and gross; the people who edited and worked on building the setting of the movie, for real and on computers, also did an amazing job!

All in all, the movie fell a bit short of my expectations. Far from being bad or boring, it just did not surprise me with greatness. I'm still excited to see the next and final movie and you should still definitely give Scorch Trials a chance!

Have you seen The Scorch Trials? What were your thoughts on it?