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WRIMOS UNITE - 7 reasons why you should participate

September 3, 2015

Last week, I (very quickly I know) explained to you guys what Nanowrimo was. Now, you might be wondering: Sophie, why are you talking to us about it? Do you want us to participate? Why should we?
Well here are some answers:

OF COURSE I want you guys to participate! Why? Here's why!

1: It is so much fun!
Because I have participated in the past two editions of Nanowrimo, I can assure that it is so very pleasant! Not gonna lie, it is also stressful and crazy all together, but so much fun regardless!

2: You get to practice writing
I am personally not a believer in the write every day thing. I am more a write when you want or when you feel inspired kind of gal. People in the first category have all the practice they need if they write everyday, but people in the second one might need a little push. As much as you feel inspired, you might be a bit out of it and  November is the perfect time to get back in the game!

3: It helps you get into a writing routine
This one is more for the people who believe in the first philosophy mentioned in the previous point. Nanowrimo is an excellent way to develop a good writing routine. They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit; there are 30 days in November, so plenty for that! Also, you can experiment with a lot of stuff; when, where, and how you prefer to write for example

4: You write a freaking novel! 
If you dream of being published, or if it's just a simple idea that might have passed through your head, you shouldn't even question yourself anymore: participate in Nanowrimo and you'll have the hardest part of writing a novel down. First draft? check!

5: You meet new people
Nanowrimo isn't just a website, it's a community. And a pretty awesome one if you ask me.Whether you're 13, 17, 25, 43, or 76, you're guarantee to find cool people. People who share your passion and who will encourage you to continue even when you'll want to give up. And I'm not just talking about making friends online; chances are you'll have municipal liaison who will organize cool meet-ups and write-ins where you will meet real people! 

6: There are prizes!
Yes, you read that right. If you win Nanowrimo, you get special offers from sponsors! And obviously...

7: You get all the bragging right!
Yup. Show your certificate to everyone you know, shout it from the roof top, do what ever you want my friend because if you manage to write 50 000 words, you instantly acquire and deserve the right to brag to everyone you know.

Did I convince you? Have any questions regarding Nanowrimo? Post a comment and it'll be my pleasure to answer you guys!