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Before I die...

September 18, 2015
Today, I'm sharing with you my ultimate to do list, or bucket list if you prefer. Some of the things are related to Sailing Through Books and some are not. But regardless of what it is, I wish to accomplish them in the next few years, or at least before I die (because, you know, it would be much harder if I was lock in a coffin and not breathing and all...)


Get to 30 followers on my blog

Go study abroad (next year guys!)

Get to 50 followers on my blog

Go to France

Be able to do the split

Finish high school with an good average

Make a cake and eat as much as I want

Get to 100 followers on my blog

Get one or more tattoo

Take part in a manifestation

Take part in a blog tour

Get my full driving liscence

See a giraffe in real life

Finish a story and edit it

Have a pixie haircut and rock it

Interview one of my favorite authors

Attend a book convention

Try tofu for realz (It was good!)

Learn how to play the guitar

Have a glitter fight

Have people guest post on Sailing Through Books

Meat new people online and offline

Move from blogger to Wordpress (not now, but eventually. In a couple of years)

Every time I'll hit a blog related goal (the pink ones), I will host a giveaway here on Sailing Through Books, so help me get there guys!

Tell me, what goals are on your bucket list?