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Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, by Rick Riordan - TRAILER review -

September 14, 2015
In case you've misread the title of this post, this is not a review on The Sword of Summer, book one in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. It is trailer review!
This weekend, the trailer for the Magnus Chase series was release and it gave me so much feels that I decided to make a review about it. Change things up a bit you know? Anyways, here's the trailer

Where do I even begin... Let's start with all the technical stuff.

I am not a pro in any of this, but in my eyes, the graphics were AMAZING! I love how they kept the same color scheme as the book cover; all purple and orange and dark red... it's a nice touch! The animation was well done. At 30 seconds, when the wolf appears, I thought that was super cool! Also, the tree at the end was so nice! How it went from the light trailer version of the tree to the dark version we see on the cover!

The info that was inserted was done cleverly. A couple of words at the time, on a different background... A job well done. I mention the added information because sometimes in trailers, it's either irrelevant, or during a random moment of the trailer.
Last technical point, the audio. The music went super well with the graphics and the voice was just perfect. I know I can't compare it to any other voice, but it was perfect still! And for some reason, the accent felt like it belonged to the trailer... does that make sense?

Okay, now that my attempt at reviewing the technical stuff is over, let's move on to the fangirl part.

I LOVED IT! I was watching it and it gave me chills. Actual CHILLS! The grin on my face kept on growing and at the end, I was left staring at my computer with the biggest smile on my face. A Lydia smile if I may,

I didn't really know anything about RR's new series, except that it's about Norse mythology and that the MC is Annabeth's cousin. But listening to the trailer, I was just so pumped up! And what the voice says at the end...!

''And let's just day that these worlds...(dramatic pause) They didn't get along to well''

There are different worlds? WHAT? I know, I didn't know that either! And I am in complete fangirl mode right now! I am so excited about The Sword of Summer it's ridiculous!
And when it said ''a new hero is born'' it just brought me back to the whole Percy Jackson universe, the one I love so much! But it didn't make me nostalgic, au contraire! It made me hopeful for this new series and its potential amazingness!

The freaking geniuses who created this trailer are fantastic! They made me feel all of that, and I just realised they didn't even show any characters. I mean, it's not a big thing, but for me to be this excited about so much stuff and forget that I did not see any faces is pretty big!

All in all, this trailer was amazing. It did everything any trailer, books or movie, should do. It gave me a hint at what I'm getting into, it had great graphics, it gave the me chills, but most of all, it made me mark October 6 as a SUPER important date, because it is the day of the release and there is NO WAY I am missing it!