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- WRIMOS UNITE - My plans for this year

October 22, 2015

The end of this series of posts is near guys; next week will be the last one!
Let's  not get too dramatic right away though because today I am sharing with you my plans for this year!

Writers tell newcomers to write what they know (AKA what they read) or write what they would like to read. The thing is, I read ANYTHING that sounds good to me, let it be contemporary, fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, adult fiction, graphic novels, horror... You name it, I probably read it.
All of this to say that when it comes to writing, I write a lot of different genres.

April 2013: dystopian
November 2013: sci-fi
November 2014: contemporary

See what I mean?

This year, I actually had two ideas at first.
I wanted to write either a historical fiction taking place in ancient time, or a love story.

Historical fiction because I LOVED my history class last year! Greeks, Romans, Egyptians... Love it! And I know that Legacy of Kings is about Alexander the Great, but regardless, I would have loved to write about him or one of the other emperors that came after him, Caligula being on top of my list.

Love story because my friend sent me this picture - that I had already seen but forgotten about - and I thought it would be the perfect NaNo project.

I was leaning toward the love story and had a beginning of a plot in my head, but then I thought about this idea:

Racism and homophobia is ridiculous if you ask me and I can't imagine being the target of these feelings. But what if I was? What if being gay/lesbian was the norm. What if black people were a majority in America instead of white people? What if we lived in a world upside down?

So this is going to be my story for this year: a girl struggling to find her place in a world where everything that she is is criticized.

The lovely sn317383 was kind enough to make offer to make covers on the NaNoWriMo website and this is the one she made for me!

Sorry about the quality of the image!

I love checking out other people' project because some of them sound SO GOOD it's crazy!


And finally, what you have all been waiting for... My NaNo calendars!

So, I'm no pro when it comes to designing stuff, but I did my best and for someone who had no idea what was a vector until a week ago, I think I did a pretty good job!
The first calendar is more neutral, with a nice scenery and a quote that I found really appropriate for NaNo! The second is for all my girls (or boys, that's cool) out there who like dreamy stuff. I'm sorry if the quality of the images isn't top notch once downloaded, I did my best:)
Last thing, I created them for you guys, but please, do not try to pass them as your own and if you share them, link them back to my blog. Thank you!

Download them HERE

I hope they will help you keep track of your wordcount during November and if you created any type of design regarding NaNo, feel free to leave a link in the comments and I'll check them out!

Back to writing, I'm asking you:
What would you or what are you writing about?