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- Discussion - Let's talk about autobiographies

October 16, 2015

I have a hard time with the mere concept of them and here is why.

By definition, a autobiography is the story of someone's life, written by that same person.

Here the first reason why I'm not a fan of biography: it makes the author look like he's full of himself/herself.
Why do you have the need to share your life with everyone? What makes you think that you are so extraordinary that everyone is dying to know every single detail of your existence?
I admire a lot of people, but I do not want to know all there is to know about them. I enjoy their work and that's good enaugh for me.

The second reason I have trouble with autobiographies is that the person of interest turns out to be very normal.
I mean that in the end, those people end up having a basic existence until that moment where they did someting incredible. I do not care to read about how you were a good student in school or how you used to hate vegetables. I. DO. NOT. CARE!
Third reason why I have difficulty to embrace autobiographies is that most of them nowaday are written by famous personnalities, like actors and youtubers.
There are so many aspiring authors out there that trully DESERVE to be publish! But instead? Publishers decide to sign a contract with those famous personnalities. And now I know, you're going to tell me: "Sophie, some publishers ONLY publish that type of book so obviously they won't take the autobiographies of random people!" And I get that, I totally do. I guess it's more the fact that those person who are getting publish already have a lot of good things happening to them and a book is just the cherry on top that they don't actually need. I mean

Fourth and final reason is money.
Some people truly have somthing to say. Some actually think that they can help other people by sharing their story. But others? They just want to make more money and they are part of the category of people who are full of themselves.

I do enjoy to read biographies sometimes. I also have read one or two autobiography. But this is how I feel about the concept of this type of book.

How do you feel about autobiographies?
Would you ever write one?
Have you read any? Why or why not?

Have a good weekend guys!