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- TOP TEN TUESDAY - Top ten duos that I would love to see collaborate together

October 13, 2015

What day is it? It's Tuesday!
And what does that mean? It means another Top Ten Tuesday post!

This week, were talking about the authors we would like to see write a book together!
The experience I've had with co-authors were always positive (Burn for Burn, Good Omens) so I would be totally down with my favorite authors collaborating together to write masterpieces! Here are the duo I would like to see most:

1: Andrew Smith and Rick Riordan
Combining both of their humour would awesome! Also, I would like to see Rick write a YA book instead of middle grade!
2: Rachel Hawkins and CC Hunter
These twp authors wrote similar books, and could be cool to see them team up on a story. Also, they both know how to write great characters (with sarcasm) which could be totally awesome if it were to be put together!
3: Jandy Nelson and Jennifer Niven
These women wrote two of the most beautiful contemporary books I have ever read. If they got together, they could probably write THE greatest contemporary book of all time.
4: Richelle Mead and Darynda Jones
OMG! This would be so much fun! I'm laughing just thinking about what these two could come up with!
5: Michael Crichton and James Patterson
I'm not sure about Michael Crichton, but I know that James Patterson co-writes A LOT of his books with newer authors. But if he was to write with another established author like Michael Crichton, I think it could be really great!
10: Neil Gaiman and Pierre Bottero
Okay, this one is my guilty pleasure. I know it couldn't happen for two reasons: Pierre Bottero is dead and he was a French author anyway. But they are the authors of my favorite books of all time and most of all, they are magicians with words! Their style is so beautiful! I'm not sure if I would have been able to deal with a book written by them!

That's it for today!

Which duo have you read? Were they as amazing as you thought they would be?