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The Sky is Everywhere, by Jandy Nelson - review -

October 5, 2015

I wanted to love this book, I really did. But unfortunately, The Sky is Everywhere turned into a DNF.

I was about 75 pages in and just could not bring myself to really get involved in the story. So I read some dialogue here and there till the end and I'm glad I did not spend more time actually reading the whole book because it was really NOT for me.

- The story line. I wasn't all that jazzed up at first but I loved I'll Give You the Sun so much that I had to try it. Sadly, I remained uninterested.

- The dumb characters. I seriously do not get how a someone could start making out with her dead sister's boyfriend. I have a sister and I could never, EVER do that! I do not care if we were both grieving, it is impossible for me to even imagine this.

- Weird relationships? I don't know if the author was trying to make her book special, but the plant that's suppose to represent Lennie? Random much! And I did not like her relationship with her grandmother; they used to drink tea together but they don't anymore, Boo-hoo!

- Joe. First of all, the name? Joey is perfect, but Joe makes me think of a guy flipping burger since 1995 in a McDonald lost in the middle of nowhere. I'm sorry, but this really bugged me. Also, way to be a creep dude! And he was too perfect in my opinion. Cute, good in music, knows how to have an intelligent conversation… He was just too mushy for me.

- The scattered notes and lollipop wrappers. I get the point behind it, but something I can't quite put finger on made it… no right. This is going to sound stupid, but if you take the time to put all those pictures together, at least make it look real! Would it have been so hard to actually write on actual pieces of paper? And how at the end Joe has gathered almost all of them? As I said: creep!

- The use of the word "deflowering". I read that part and if it was suppose to be original or poetic, I don't know but it just made me feel awkward. Who uses words like that today? No guy I've ever met!

The only thing I enjoyed in what I read of this book was Lennie's best friend Sarah. She was a really interesting character. I love how she read books on how to deal with grief and how she changed her style a lot; I wish I had a best friend like that.

I rarely DNF a book. In fact, this is the second book I DNF in all of my life but I was bored and not into it and not interested in finishing it.

I hope you have for luck than me with this book!