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The candy book tag

October 30, 2015


Today, I will be doing the Candy Book Tag! The lovely Izel over at A Bookish Flower tagged me earlier this week to do this and I thought it would be the perfect post since, you know, it's Halloween tomorrow...! 

And while I'm at it: THANK YOU IZEL!!! I follow your blog religiously and I was so surprised/happy/excited to see my name at the end of your post! You rock my dear!:D


First, the rules

- When you are tagged, please thank the blogger who tagged you! -

- No one is obligated to participate, even if they are tagged -

- If you decide to participate, answer the questions and then tag 5 other bloggers -

- Please notify the people you’ve selected when they are tagged! -


Now, the questions

- Rocky Road - A series or author that you have a complicated (er…rocky) relationship with

Cassandra Clare. I had some mixed feelings about the Mortal Instruments series (see my review here) but I still want to read her Infernal Device series and I'm super excited about the Shadowhunters TV show coming out in January... 

 - Laffy Taffy - A book that stuck in your mind long after you finished reading it (or in the case of the candy, stuck in your teeth)

It's Kind of a Funny Story. This book was the one that really got me into contemporary. The story really touched me and I made my sister read it too, I asked for the movie for Christmas... To this day, I still recommend it to everyone! (this includes every single one of you, so what are you waiting for? Read it!)

- Mint Chocolate - A book that everyone loved, but you didn’t

Daughter of smoke and bone. Katytastic, a famous youtuber (seriously, if you don't know who she is, go check out her channel NOW! ASAP. Go on!), kept talking about this book and I was really excited to read it. In the end, I found it... meh. I couldn't relate to the MC, the love interest was mushy, the entire book was just meh... 

- Sugar-free Candy - A book that just didn’t make any sense

Frozen, by Melissa De La Cruz. This book was just... WHAT? It was so bad! The world building sucked, I disliked every single characters, and the story line was SO not plausible! 

- Sweethearts - A book that made you go “Aww…”

Hands down All the Bright Places. This book guys... THIS BOOK! You HAVE to read it! I never did an actual review because I had, and still have, trouble putting my feelings towards this book into words, but I did make a "pre-review" about it and if it doesn't convince you to read it, well READ IT ANYWAYS! 

- Kit Kat - A book that everyone needs to read

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. And the Heroes of Olympus too, while you're at it!
You know how some people worship Harry Potter? Don't get me wrong, I'm a hardcore Potterhead, but I am first and foremost a demi-god! Whether you enjoy Greek mythology or not, it doesn't matter! Percy Jackson is so amazing that you can't help but love him! Er, I mean the series, because he's mine. Back off.

- Snickers Brand Mixed Nuts Bar (coming November 2015…) - A book that you are really excited for

Forget Tomorrow, by Pintip Dunn. This book sounds so original and intense! Holly cow does it look amazing! And it's coming out November 3rd!


Who's next?

Claudia @ PenMarkings 
Aentee @ ReadAtMidnight
Alexandra @ LiteraryLegionnaire
Sarah @ KeroseneLit

This is my last post for a while; I'll miss you guys! Happy Halloween, happy writing and I'll see you in a month!
Take care!