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And it's a wrap! + What's up 2016!

January 4, 2016

I was planning on doing a 2015 wrap up post sooner but what can I say? I was busy! But hey, it's only January 4th, so I still got time!

2015 has come to end and a lot happened this year, so let's take a look shall we? 

I started Sailing Through Books!
I don't have a profound background story for why I started this blog. I didn't even know book blogs existed! But on July 6th, I decided that I wanted a little corner of the Internet I could call my own and so Sailing Through Books was born.

No stats, sorry!
A lot of bloggers share their stats of the year and I have no problem with it but see, I personally don't like sharing them because they don't mean that much to me. I'm not ashamed to say that I don't have many followers. That a lot of my posts are comment-less. Why? Because I see two options: 

1- Either people are like me and forget to leave comments, prefer not to follow blogs because they don't want their inbox to be full or indirectly follow blogs instead

2- Or, it's as simple as not many people check out my blog.

And I'm fine with that. My blog is first and foremost for me and for fun:)

I read 53 books!
At the beginning of the year, I encountered a reading slump, pretty much until I started blogging now that I think of it. I wish I had read more books, but I'm happy with my 53!

I got a new blog design!
For maybe two/three months, I used a blogger template that I had customized. Fortunately, a lovely girl named Claudia was kind enough to make me this beautiful design that you are currently enjoying!

I met people!
Speaking of lovely people, I met wonderful people that I am happy to call friends! The blogging community really is a nice place and I wish everyone could have a taste of it! If everyone in real life was so nice and respectful, the world would seriously be a better place. I prefer not to name people directly because I'm afraid I'll forget someone, but whoever you are reading this, I'm either grateful to have met you or eager to get to know you better!

I wrote a book in a month!
For the third year in a row, I participated in NaNoWriMo and won a day in advance! Yay me!^^

I started my last year of high school and applied to university
I'm getting old you guys!
But more seriously, I'm getting to the end of something really important and I'm glad to have discovered something new, blogging, that gives me a different kind of motivation. As for university, well let's just say I'm trying not to freak out too much!

I do have some goals for 2016 and I tried to do a pretty collage, but I gave up after two hours. Maybe next time!

Get over my fear of requesting ARCS
Not because I want all the arcs, simply because I'm afraid of requesting for an unknown reason and wish to overcome that fear!

Reach 50 followers
If it's more, great! If it's less, alright:)

Write 100 posts
I wrote 79 in 6 months. I figure that I can write a hundred of them in a year!

Read 100 books
It's a goal. One that I might not reach. But it's a goal nonetheless.

Don't give up on blogging while at university
I'm fear that I'll have trouble managing everything once I'm at university. I really wish to keep blogging though and I'll do my best not to give up.

Comment on more blogs
I think everyone is guilty of this: reading a post, thinking of a comment and then being

1- too lazy to actually comment

2- on their phone which makes it difficult or

3- too busy doing (home)work and taking a guilty break

Be more actives with the Sunday Street Team
The SST is hosted by Nori over at Read Write Love and I really want to be more involve this year, participate in more blog tours and all that fun stuff!

Have people participate in WIFSY
This one I can't exactly control, but I do wish that people will participate in When I First Saw You this year!

Go to a book convention/expo
I would love to go to one of these to have the chance to meet all the wonderful authors and bloggers out there!

So this sums up what happened to me in 2015 and what I hope to accomplish in 2016!

I want to know: what are your goals for this year?

Take care lovelies!