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In case of HYPE encounter -DISCUSSION-

January 19, 2016

We've all been victims of this unfortunate experience of reading a book that was surrounded by so much hype that we just had to read it. And then we do and we are left confused as to why the book in question did not live up to our expectations. The answer to this question? Because they were simply too high.

Let's take a look at this hype that can be so useful and yet so deadly for a book.

Description:  Type of hype: bookish
By definition, HYPE is when someone gets excited about a book, when  said book is advertised and talked about in newspaper and/or on the internet.

Habitat:  HYPE lives mostly on in the vast land that is Twitter, but also in fangirls all over the world. 

What does it likes to eat?:  More often than not, upcoming books are the main pray of HYPE. People talk about them, those who are lucky enough to get an advance review copy praise their genius.
HYPE hunts in group which are called street teams. Street teams are pacific, but they sometimes attack a book with such viciousness that HYPE will just eat it up, surround it and put it in everyone's face.

Approach we caution:  HYPE is usually friendly, but you must approach it with caution. You never know if the book it surrounds will live up to it.
HYPE have this special power that consists in brain washing you into thinking that a book will be fabulous when it will in fact leave you disappointed. Be careful to keep your mind open, to form your own thoughts and opinion without the influence of HYPE.

Books I have lost to HYPE 

So here it is. All the information you need too know in case of HYPE encounter. Read with caution my friend!

Did I forget any important details? What books have YOU lost to HYPE?

Have a nice day guys!

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