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Top Ten Tuesday : Authors I've read the most books from

August 11, 2015

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is regarding the authors we've read the most books from. I have a few authors in my FAV list of which I've read quite a lot of book, so let's get started!

1 - Rick Riordan

You guys know How much I live the whole Percy Jackson universe. With the two series, it makes ten books. Add the Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson's Greek Guide and you get a total of fourteen books!

2 - Richelle Mead

I loved Vampire Academy and Bloodlines. Those two series are made of six book each. I also read Game board of the Gods, on which I actually did a review. This makes a grand total of thirteen books.

3 - Neil Gaiman *

My love for Neil Gaiman started with the Graveyard Book and it kept growing with every book I read : Odd and the Frost Giants, Stardust, American Gods, Anansi Boys, The Sandman volume one and two, Fragile Things, Coraline, Good Omen and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. All in all, I've read eleven books from Neil Gaiman and I plan on reading many more! I actually have one in my TBR pile.

4 - Pierre Bottero

Him again? I know I've talked a lot about him, but what can I say? He's one of my favorite writer! It's no surprise I've read ten of his books!

5 - Dynah Psyché

She's another French author that I used to love when I was about ten years old. She wrote the series that got me into reading : Gaïg. It contains ten books and it's to those ten books that I owe my love for reading!

6 - PC & Kristin Cast

If you do not know who these two women are... well you should. They wrote the incredibly long series that is House of Night. I got to nine books before I gave up. The books were being release to far apart and I couldn't keep up.

7 - Cate Tiernan

She's the author of the Sweep series. Again, this is a series in which I sadly lost interest. I got to nine books while the series is fourteen books long.

8 - India Desjardins

Yet another French author! I read all of the Aurélie Laflamme books, eight in total. 

9 - Darynda Jones

It's only a matter of time before I make a post about the Charlie Davidson series; I love it! As of today, there is eight books available, but I' waiting for the last one to come out in paperback. In total, I've read seven books from this author.

10 - Garth Nix

I only read on series by this author, series that I enjoy quite a bit : The Keys to the Kingdom. Therefore, Garth Nix is equal with Darynda Jones with a total of seven books.

*special mention
Neil Gaiman deserves a special mention in this list because he is the only author of which I have read only stand alone, apart from the first two volumes of the Sandman series.

this meme was originally created by the Broke and the Bookish