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Need by Carrie Jones review

August 19, 2015
I've been wanted to read this book for a long time. And by that I mean five years. Why didn't I? Because my need (get it? Need? Ok, I'm done) to read it wasn't great enough for me to spend money to order it online and have it shipped (do you know how high shipping cost can be?). But, thanks to the Bookmarket, the amazing used bookstore not too far from where I live, I got it for five dollars! If you have read my other posts, you'll know that I'm cheap like that; I buy enough books as it is and the more money I can save on them the better!

Anyways! Now that I have read Need, I'm thinking: why the hell did I not read this book sooner?
To be perfectly honest, the story isn't all that special and unique. The ending was predictable and the characters were kind of cliché. But I loved it anyways!

Ok, ok, let's back up a bit. Need tells the story of sixteen years old Zara. Zara used to live in Charleston, a wonderful town where she was popular, had friend and smiled a lot. When her dad dies of a heart attack in front of her, all her motivation leaves her and she is left dead inside. To fix this problem, her mother sends her to live with her grandmother in Maine, a small town where cold is an understatement, the boys are good looking and the woods hide more than just bunnies.

So here's the plot. Pretty basic: you know Zara will fall in love with one of the boys and something going to go wrong in the woods.

So why did I enjoy it so much? There's two reasons for that.
First, the characters relationships. I admit it, I'm a sucker when It comes to the side love story and the girl power friendship, as I like to call it.
You knew from the start who Zara was going to end up with, but following the evolution of their relationship was real fun! I liked how the guy, who I will not name, didn't try to impress her with ridiculous stuff or whatever. He was there when she needed him  and their love just happened. It was perfect! The kind of boyfriend I would like to have to be frank.
Moving on, Issie is one of the first characters we meet and she is adorable! She's like a explosion of sunlight, radiant, joyful and happy! She's so cute and funny! I loved how she just took Zara in; it's hard to switch school, been there done that, and we need more Issie to make us feel welcome! And do I need to mention Devyn? I mean, there's nothing to say, they are perfect together!

All this babbling to say that the characters were great, and their relationship too. Yes, it was cheesy, but this brings me to my second reason: the writing style!
I'm not a huge fan a cheese in general. If there's too much of it on my pizza, I don't like it and the same goes for my books. But this one! This one had the kind of cheesy that I enjoy. The kind that seems plausible, the kind that makes me smile like an idiot instead of cringe. And why is that? Because of the way Carrie Jones writes. See, we get ''comments'' from Zara's mind throughout the book. Now, I don't mean the usual knowing-what-the-characters-is-thinking first POV style. I mean reactions to what's happening at the very moment. Like this

''He leans closer. One inch, another, oh God, oh okay. Yep, I think he's going to kiss me. Okay. Okay. Another inch.''

This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff that would go through my mind! And it's exactly why I love this book so much. Carrie Jones nailed the writing in her book and that's a huge plus on my grid.

Finally, you know me and my love for real books and it's another thing that Carrie Jones got right. Despite the fact that her book had supernatural creatures in it, it was real and it won me over. Captivate, here I come!