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Moon Called by Patricia Briggs review

August 12, 2015
Moon Called, book one in the Mercy Thompson series. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Did I love it? No. Would I recommend it? Maybe. Am I going to read more books from this series? Probably.

Why did I enjoy it?
Moon Called was a fun read. Starting with the characters, I loved every one of them; well, except maybe Sam, but I'll get to that later.
Mercy was a great MC. She was a strong female lead that new her strength and her weaknesses and she did not let others control her. First off, she owns a garage, which is so badass! I mean, I wish I knew my way around a car. It's useful, it gives you an certain independence and it is, yes I'm going to say it, attractive.
On top of being this kickass mechanic, she's a walker, meaning that she can shift into a coyote. I appreciated the fact that Patricia Briggs made her something other than a werewolf, or a vampire, or any typical supernatural creature.  It gave a little something more to the story.

Now moving on to Adam. I just enjoyed reading about him! He's got this dark vibe, but at the same time this huge heart for the ones he loves! His relationship it his daughter was sweet and the way he cared and protected Mercy...! *melts a little*

Special mention for Stefan, whom I just LOVED! A Scooby-Doo van? Where do I sign up?

Why I did not love it?
Continuing with the character analysis, I want to talk about Sam. Sam, the boy Mercy fell in love with. Sam, the chill protector. Sam, the one who in Mercy's memories seemed nice and friendly.  The Sam that ended being none of what I expected. He just felt... off. He acted like he owned the rights to Mercy, which is completely wrong for two reasons. First: Dude! You tried to use he a couple of years ago, doesn't it ring a bell? You lost the right to be with her then. Second: It's the twenty first century! Women are equals to men, you cannot ''own'' them or control them or claim them. They decide about all of it and you're lucky if she chooses you, got it?

Now that my little feminist rant is over, let's talk about the book itself. I liked the plot. It was entertaining and I, for myself, did not see the ending coming. What did bothered me was the way some info was presented. A couple of times, I felt like I missed a page. Some things just came out of nowhere! Add all the names that were thrown around and you've got yourself a confused Sophie.

Why I would only maybe recommend it?
Because it has werewolves in it. And vampires. And a lot of people will think: this sounds like Twilight. I've seen the Twilight movies. They were bad. Therefore, this book will be bad too.
Which is completely wrong. Personally, I actually really enjoyed the Twilight books. The movies were not very good in my opinion, but the books were great. So I would only recommend reading Mercy Thompson if you can make the difference between one bad experience, let it be Twilight or something else, and  not liking a specific genre.

To finish this off, will I read the rest of this series?
As I said at the very beginning, probably. If I can find it in a used bookstore like I found Moon Called, then yes. I have other books on my to-buy list that have a higher priority. But if I can find more Mercy Thompson books for a good price? Sure I'll read it!


Have you read and enjoyed the Mercy Thompson series? If so, don't be shy to give your opinion in the comments, it would mean a lot!