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Waiting for You review

July 13, 2015
So I recently finished Waiting for You, by Susane Colasanti. My intention with this book was to enjoy a light summer read, aka chick lit for me. I had just finished reading an intense thriller and I was looking forward to a good easy-read, but I ended up by being disappointed.

The story line was promising. A girl, Marissa, starts her tenth year of high school, looking forward to a new beginning and possibly, hopefully, a new boyfriend. She has an eye for the dreamy guy, Derek, she's friend with Nash who might like her, and there's an anonymous DJ who seems to read her mind. A lot of possibilities for our dear Marissa. But the more I advanced in the story, the more things started to appear out nowhere. Some important information was reveal late in the story and other details were just unnecessary. The fact that her dad likes to pick white rocks on the beach while she prefers black one was mention at the beginning. Random detail, but ok, I'll let it pass. Maybe the beach is something important in their relationship, who knows? NOPE! It was completely useless to the development of the story and the background of the characters. UNTIL! It was randomly mention again at the end of the book.

Another major turn off of this book was the dialogue. The actual conversation between the characters was fine, it's the way it was written that annoyed me. Instead of writing ''And then I said...'', like any other author, Susane used ''And I was like''. This is probably just a personal thing, but it still bothered me every time I came across any similar expression.

Finally, the fact that this novel turned out to have a darker side than promised was a surprise. Not a bad one, but considering that I was anticipating a cute little love story, all pink-and-creamy, it was a bit of a letdown.

I think this book could have been really good, but the author tried to put too many great ideas together and it ended being a cluster of information. Also, it's one of those books where you can see that's it's written by an adult. It can be hard, but some authors manage to make it look like a random teenager is telling his or her story instead of the author itself, if that makes sense. Unfortunately, I did not get that feeling with Waiting for You.

In conclusion, it was not a bad book, it just didn't live up to my expectations.