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Micro by Micheal Crichton review

July 29, 2015
Three men are killed. The only clues are tiny cuts all over their bodies. At the same time, seven students are thrown into an environment that no man had ever dreamed of.

This is Micro.

My dad convinced me to read it after he, my mom and my sister did, saying that my imagination would go wild! And I do have to say, he was right.

Okay, this is the end of the non-spoiler section. One of the major element of this book is a spoiler, so stop reading now if you haven't read the book.

Can you imagine? Being reduce to half an inch? In a freaking jungle?!? Me neither. But that's the reality of the seven students, Peter, Rick, Jen, Karen, Erica, Amar and Danny, ho were thrown in this hostile environment by Drake, the crazy CEO of Naginen, the company who invented the shrinking device.

I really enjoyed reading this book.

First, the plot. I'm sure it has been seen before, tiny people I mean, but for me it was a first. And tiny people in a freaking jungle? I don't think that had been seen before!
The story was really entertaining; there was a lot of obstacles that were interesting and plot twists that I did not expect. For example, I was surprised and confused when read I Eric's name at the end of the book. All through the story, I knew something was odd with his death, but I had never imagined that he was still alive! Also, I was surprised when Peter died. 
See, authors are afraid to kill their main characters and I get it, especially if you're writing a series. But I liked the audacity of Michael Crichton. I liked that he dared to kill the leader of the group. It was a bold move that isn't seen often in literature, a move that I would pull in my own writing. It was brave and made the story more plausible, as if to tell the reader that everyone is mortal, that no one is indestructible.

The characters were all well developed. We get to be in the mind of every characters, which was cool. We saw the internal conflicts of every students, the plans of Drake... It was fun and made it easier to connect with the story.

As for the writing style, it was my first Michael Crichton and I don't know if he always writes like that, but I enjoyed it. The descriptions were not too long and he repeated the key elements just enough to keep the reader on track. This book has a lot of details and I'm glad he did so or else I would have been lost! The fact that he wrote a character's full name every time was a bit odd, but other than that, everything was good!

I do have another book by this author in my TBR pile and I hope it will be as good as Micro. 
I strongly recommend this book if you're into sci-fi and adventure books. Even if you're not, it will make you reconsider the world that surounds you.