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Is it July already? - monthly recap -

July 5, 2016

Did you know that 10% of the world's population is left-handed?

What's up cupcakes? Actually scratch that, I'll answer that myself: time is sprinting faster than Usain Bolt, that's what.s up!

We've already started the month of July and a lot happened in June, as well as in May (for which I didn't make a wrap-up because school), so let's take a look, shall we?

What books did you read during the past two months?

I love when you ask me questions like that!

I've been somewhat of a lazy turtle in terms of reading lately and I don't think I'll reach my goal of reading 100 books this year, but it's fine! As long as I'm reading, the numbers are only details.

  • The Awesome, by Eve Darrows ★ : Sarcastic as hell! You should SO read it!
  • Blood Bound. by Patricia Briggs ★ : This book gave me chills people, actual chills! Review over here.
  • The hidden oracle, by Rick Riordan ★½ : Uncle Rick did it again! Brilliant book! Review coming soon.
  • Last year's mistake, by Gina Ciocca ★ : A guy who plays baseball, interesting...!
  • Tonight the streets are ours, by Leila Sales ★ : I mean, as a blogger, you can't expect me to believe everything that happens, do you?

Did you post anything good?

I like to think everything I post is amazing of course, but there are some posts you should check out.

  • The lovely Jessica, from Princessica of Books, participated in WIFSY. Check out her guest post here!
  • Speaking of WIFSY, you might want to check the updates we made to it.
  • I shared my first Sunday Stree Team post, in which I interviewed the author of The Way to Game  the Walk of Shame: Jenn P. Nguyen. She's so nice and the book looks A-Mazing! If you don't want to check out my post, I strongly recommend that you at least check out the book!
What about your real life?

Well aren't you nosy today! It's cool though, I like sharing what's going on outside blogging with you!

  • I graduated from high school! After six long years of hard-work, I finished with an average of 93% and got a couple of scholarship too!
  • In Canada, prom only happens once at the end of high school. I was in charge of organizing it and everything turned out great; I had a blast and I felt like a princess! 

  • I started working full-time, which is great because I like my job and I'm saving up for next year (living on your own is expensive guys)
  • I'm slowly getting yoga and meditation into my morning routine.
What about what's coming next?

Patience is a virtue you know? Just kidding cupcakes, I too like to know what to expect!
  • Reviews, that's a given. Hopefully, I'll be reading a bit more now that summer is here.
  • I have a couple of discussion posts I want to write, so expect some of those.
  • I think July will finally be the time for that tutorial I've been talking about for a while now! Hint: it's Harry Potter related.
  • I want to start a positivity journal, so if you'd like some updates on that, let me know!
  • Also, my blogiversary is coming up: Sailing Through Books will be one on Wednesday. Is it weird that I'm not all that excited? It just doesn't feel like a year already!
Last time, your TBR was at 33. Tell us it got smaller!?!

Well... it did the opposite...
I was actually starting to get it under control, but then I went to look at BookOutlet and ended up buying 6 more books. But my excuse for that is that once the school year starts, getting books in English won't be so easy anymore since I'll be in Qu├ębec, so whatever is left of my TBR, I'll simply bring with me!

The 34 books I have at home, plus the five I just borrowed at the library makes a grand total of 39!

Let us guess, you're ending this abruptly again, aren't you?

Look at you, reading my mind like a psychic!

Have a nice day lovelies!