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The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever, by Jeff Strand -REVIEW-

June 27, 2016

This was the first book featured in WIFSY and while I wasn't overly thrilled by the real synopsis at first, I am SO glad I read it!

Title: The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever
Author: Jeff Strand
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release date: March 1st 2016
After producing three horror films that went mostly ignored on YouTube, Justin and his filmmaking buddies decide it's time to make something epic. In fact, they're going to make The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever. They may not have money or a script, but they have passion. And, after a rash text message, they also have the beautiful Alicia Howtz as the lead. Hemmed in by a one-month timeline and a cast of uncooperative extras, but aching to fulfill Alicia's dreams, Justin must face the sad, sad truth: he may, in actuality, be producing The Worst Zombie Movie Ever.


The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever isn't a profound book, It's not one of those funny-yet-you-get-an-important-life-lesson-out-of-it book. It's a funny book, which purpose is to entertain and make you laugh out loud. Trust me, I did!

What makes The Greatest Zmbie Movie Ever so great is that you know Jeff Strand had a blast writing it; while reading, I could almost hear him laugh through the pages! A book rarely makes me laugh out loud, or express any other emotion so vividly, but I laughed so much that my parents asked me if I was alright!

" 'Excuse me, sir. You can't smoke in here.'
'I'm not smoking. I'm vaping.'
'We don't allow that either.'
'There's steam coming out of my coffee!' "

I really enjoyed having Justin as a main character. His passion for filmmaking was always very present and his attitude towards Alicia was realistic and entertaining. For one of the rare times it happens. I actually felt like a YA character was acting his age, which was fifteen. No elaborate dialogue, no complicated love declaration. Just a guy, trying to make a great film in a very short amount of time, living all the frustration and funny side-effects of that decision.

As mentioned above, this book didn't have a hidden theme or anything like that. It simply told the story of three friends trying to make something impossible. It was light and fun, and everything thing it promised to be.

The only thing that keeps me from giving this book five stars is the ending. Throughout the novel, we follow Justin and his friends as they overcome every obstacles that comes their way, we are witnesses to the difficulties that come with making a movie. And then? Everything suddenly works out for Justin. After reading the story, the ending was simply too perfect and it didn't match the rest.

I feel like my review doesn't make this book justice, so let me say this: if you're into contemporary but aren't looking for another love story, this book is for you. Trust me when I say you'll have a good time!

Take care cupcakes!


4/5 stars