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When I First Saw You UPDATES

May 26, 2016
Updates regarding the weekly meme When I First Saw You

The first DVD was released in 1997.

Hi cupcakes!

I will not be sharing a WIFSY post today, but rather updating you on some changes that have occurred/will occur.

But fear not, there is a link up at the bottom of this page for those of you who participated in WIFSY this week and I will still go read every single one of your made up synopsis!

Let's start by doing  little recap of a change that I announced a few weeks ago regarding the giveaways:

When Izel became my partner in crime for WIFSY, she suggested that we start making giveaways, which we did.

Unfortunately, WIFSY did not grow as much as we hoped and we decided that it would be better if we hosted seasonal giveaway instead of monthly one. This means that we will now host giveaways at the start of every season, the next one being sometime in June. That way, we don't get too poor and it makes the giveaway more exciting because they aren't as frequent as before!


Now, for the new changes:

For the past two months, the majority of the content I shared here on Sailing Through Books have been WIFSY posts. With school taking a lot of my time, I've been struggling with writing more posts for my blog. Now, graduation and the end of the school year are getting closer and I can barely find the time to write those one post per week.

That being said, I want to go back to posting reviews and discussion post instead of sharing WIFSY posts only.

With that in mind, Izel and I decided to make WIFSY a monthly meme.
On the second Thursday of each month, you will have four (4) covers to chose from instead of one. You write your synopsis as usual and voila!

The WIFSY page has been modified with all of the new guidelines; you can check it out HERE.

The next WIFSY will be on June 9th and you will have top pick from one of these four (4) covers.

Options of covers for June's When I First Saw You

I hope you guys will understand these changes, although you don't really have a choice!^^ But more seriously, I hope these changes won't affect your participation in WIFSY!
If you have any question regarding anything that was said in this post, don't be shy, leave a comment and it'll be my pleasure to explain it to you!

Take care lovelies!