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When I First Saw You #23

May 12, 2016

What is When I First Saw You?

When I First Saw You, or WIFSY for short, is a weekly meme created here on Sailing Through Books and co-hosted by Izel from A Bookish Flower and yours truly. It consists of sharing a first impressions of a book in the form of a made-up synopsis, so basically judging a book by it's cover yes. 

How does it work?

Every week, a new cover is chosen and is shared here at the bottom of the page. You write a synopsis for the book with the cover and title as your only guide. Then, you compare it to the real synopsis and laugh at how off you were or congratulate yourself on your amazing deduction skills!
You are free to post any day of the week, but the weekly WIFSY post will be up every Thursday with a link up so you can share your take on the week's cover.


Did you know that Marco Polo was an Italian explorer?

Hi lovelies! 

What a busy week I had! It was Mother's day last weekend, it's my mother's birthday this weekend, organizing prom is taking a lot of my time... Also, I bought The hidden oracle, book one in Uncle Rick's new series, and there's no denying I've been obsessed with it!

You're in for the usual Thursday's post, which, you guessed it, is: WIFSY! This week's cover didn't inspire so much, but I still wrote a little something for you guys!

Title: The lost & Found
Author: Katrina Leno
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release date: July 5th

My made-up synopsis

Phen and Nina are in charge of the lost and found. Every week, they sort through everything, trying to find their owner, sometimes writing flyers, sometimes keeping cool things to themselves.

One day, they get their hands on something very interesting, something they never thought they'd see in the lost and found: a journal.
Flying through the pages, Nina and Phen get to know every details about the mysterious owner of the journal. Secrets on some of their classmates, information about their teachers... 

It doesn't take long before their curiosity turns to complete obsession. The only thing left to do is to find the owner. But where to start when all you know about someone is... nothing?

The real deal
Frannie and Louis met in an online support group when they were both younger. They have never met face-to-face. They don’t even know each other’s real names. All they know is that they both have a mysterious tendency to lose things. Well, not lose them, exactly. Things just seem to…disappear. 

They each receive news in the mail that sets them off on a road trip to Austin, Texas, looking for answers—and each other. Along the way, each one begins to find, as if by magic, important things the other has lost. And by the time they finally meet in person, they realize that the things you lose might be things you weren’t meant to have at all, and that you never know what you might find if you just take a chance.


Aww, this book sounds adorable! I love the concept of two people who've never met, finding their way to each other! It does sound a little unbelievable though, but it's a book so who cares, right?
And if things "disappear", could this be, perhaps, because of some magical phenomenon? 

I take pride in guessing that there would be two main characters, a boy and a girl. Their names were way off. The rest of the story was far from the real one. But at least I got the number of MCs and their gender right. 
Sophie : 1 
WIFSY : 8313798

Next week's cover:

I wish you a great weekend cupcakes!