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Eighth grave past dark, by Darynda Jones (Charley Davidson #08) -review-

April 29, 2016

Hey guys!

I hope you're having a wonderful Friday! Today I'm sharing with you a review of the eighth installment in the Charley Davidson series. If you haven't read these books yet, I suggest you go do that (if you don't mind adult content) and then come back here so we can fangirl together! Deal? Deal! 

Title: Eighth grave after dark
Author: Darynda Jones
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release date: May 19th 2015


Okay, let's rewind a bit.
Charley Davidson is a paranormal series following Charley Davidson, a private investigator who also happens to be the grim reaper. Her supernatural abilities are what makes her so great at doing what she does; after all, being able to talk to the deceased victim has its perks!
In this eighth installment, we pick up right where the seventh book ended, with Charley and Rayes moving to some sacred ground to escape some angry hellhounds and protect their unborn baby.

The beginning was slow. There. I said it.
I mean, it's Charley's best friend's wedding and the book starts with them getting ready. Fun, but not all that exciting compared to the other books. Usually, these books start with a bang, like Charley discovering a dead man in her shower (or well, his ghost, not an actual dead man that would be totally creepy!) And so the investigation begins.

What's really nice with the Charley Davidson series is that the books always have two storyline, one that's different in every book and that's related to her being a private investigator, and another one that keeps on going throughout the series, related to her being the grim reaper. 

In this book though, we don't get to see so much of the private investigator Charley and I found that the book was missing something because of it.

The reason why I find these books so entertaining is because they're not just paranormal, romance, or detective; they're all three at the same time! Unfortunately, this one did not have all three equally.

Apart from this minor detail, I did really enjoy Eight grave past dark because of the growth of the characters. In book one, we meet Charley, this funny, smart and sarcastic woman who never really had to care for anything other than herself. By book eight, she's become this powerful being, with extreme compassion and care for her friends and family, and she has become so much more mature! It was great to see her assume her new responsabilities as a soon to be mother, and to watch her try to do the right thing regarding her husband.

The suspense was great too. There were a couple of smaller arcs in this story that were really well done and made me to find out how everything would turn out.

This book does contain some sexual content, but I figure that if you've read the previous seven books, you know that by now!

To wrap things up, besides some minor elements that I found were missing compared to the previous books, I enjoyed this one quite a lot! Charley Davidson is a go-to read for me if I want to read something that'll make me laugh, and it's always a pleasure to get back in the world Darynda Jones created!


4/5 stars