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When I First Saw You #20

April 21, 2016

What is When I First Saw You?

When I First Saw You, or WIFSY for short, is a weekly meme created here on Sailing Through Books and co-hosted by Izel from A Bookish Flower and yours truly. It consists of sharing a first impressions of a book in the form of a made-up synopsis, so basically judging a book by it's cover yes. 

How does it work?

Every week, a new cover is chosen and is shared here at the bottom of the page. You write a synopsis for this book with the cover and title as your only guide. Then, you compare it to the real synopsis and laugh at how off you were or congratulate yourself on your amazing deduction skills!
You are free to post any day of the week, but the weekly WIFSY post will be up every Thursday with a link up so you can share your take on the week's cover.


We just reached the double digits guys! WIFSY has been going on for 20 weeks now! How crazy is that? This would be a good time to thank each and every single one of you who read or participated in WIFSY! I have so much fun with this meme and the only thing I hope is that you do too!
Also, I know it's been another week without any new post and I'm sorry. That's all I can say to you guys; I'm sorry. Please bear with me!

Now, please enjoy this week's cover! (I know this book has been out for a few days now, but wat can I say, we all make mistakes sometimes; Izel and I thought it was coming out later this year!)

Title: Essential maps for the lost
Author: Deb Caletti
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release date: April 5th 2016
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My made up synopsis

Cassi was lost.

It was the summer after high school and she had no idea what she was going to do next year. She hadn't been accepted in any of the college she applied to, her parents were telling her she'd have to move out soon, all of her friends were leaving...

Cassi was lost. Until she wasn't anymore.

After someone slips an anonymous note with a map of her town in her mailbox, an incredible adventure begins for Cassi. The note has all of these challenges that Cassie needs to accomplish written on it, a big red "X" marks a spot on the map, and there's a warning on the back of it that says no cheating.

Who's the person behind this adventure? To find out, Cassi have to wait until the end of her challenges. And who knows, by then, maybe she'll find herself a little bit... unlost!

The real deal

There are many ways to be lost.

Sometimes people want to be lost. Madison—Mads to everyone who knows her—is trying her best to escape herself during one last summer away from a mother who needs more from her than she can give, and from a future that has been decided by everyone but her.

Sometimes the lost do the unimaginable, like the woman, thebody, Mads collides with in the middle of the water on a traumatic morning that changes everything.

And sometimes the lost are the ones left behind, like the son of the woman in the water, Billy Youngwolf Floyd. Billy is struggling to find his way through each day in the shadow of grief. His one comfort is the map he carries in his pocket, out of his favorite book, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.

When three lives (and one special, shared book) collide, strange things happen. Things like questions and coincidences and secrets—lots of secrets. Things like falling in love. But can two lost people telling so many lies find their way through tragedy to each other…and to solid ground?


Well, lost can mean a lot of things, right I mean, this book could've been about someone trying to find their way out of the woods, or pirates even, you know? So I consider the fact that my MC is "interiorly" lost a good start! What do you think?

The real synopsis is actually pretty interesting! It looks like a book loaded with feels though, and I'm not sure I'm up for that right now... But again, the story sounds interesting! I'm a sucker for books that have characters that end up by connecting somehow at the end!


Here's a friendly reminder that we have a giveaway running this month in which you can win one (1) of four (4) pre-orders featured during WIFSY:

  • Cure for the common universe, by Christian McKay Heindicker
  • Gemini, by Sonya Mukherjee
  • Essential maps for the lost, by Deb Caletti
  • Every exquisite thing, by Matthew Quick

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Next week's cover

Have a nice weekend lovelies!