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Where did you go February? -monthly wrap up-

March 7, 2016

It's crazy how time flies, am I right, or am I right?
II'm back from my two week break today to share with you all the crazy things that happened this past month along with my goals for March! (and by crazy things I mean not so much)

What I read

February was a slow month for me in terms of reading. Although I read five books, I've only finished three of them, which you can see below. The two that I have yet to finish are Eighth Grave After Dark, by Darynda Jones and Clockwork Prince, by Cassendra Clare.

  • Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell
    I buddy read this one with Jessica, from Bookish Serendipity, and I, to be frank, wasn't a fan... Review coming soon.
  • Go ask Alice, by Anonymous
    This book was long overdue for me and while I'm glad I read it... it was something! 
  • L'├ętranger, by Albert Camu
    I'm actually still reading this book as I write this, but I will be done by the time I upload this post as it is for school and I got an essay to write on it for Friday! (shhh!) I was surprisinsgly pleased with this one!
Highlights of the month

  • I wrote a controversial post on why I hate "US only", or the privileges in the blogosphere. #sorrynotsorry
  • Izel and I hosted our first WIFSY giveaway! The winner for February is Maddie! 
  • I participated in round two of Project Serendipity!

In real life

  • I officially reserved a dorm room for university next year!
  • I started watching One Tree Hill again, which takes a lot of my time
  • I discovered this delicious red curry lentil recipe! For a while now, I've been making one meal a week to practice for next year and man was this recipe GOOD!
  • I (kind of) got back into driving. I've been procrastinating getting my G2 licence, but no more!
What my TBR look like

Pretty much the same, sadly... 20 books, + the Georgia Nicolson series that I have yet to finish, so about 25.

My hopes for March

  • Have more people participate in WIFSY!
  • Finish six books, which I should be able to do with March break
  • Share this DIY/tutorial I talked about in my January wrap-up. 

That's it! February was a slower month for me, not very eventful, but I'm looking forward to March!

How was your month lovelies?

Take care!