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Meet Mallory, AKA yours truly -GET OFFA THAT SLUMP-

March 14, 2016

I've been in a kind of blogging slump in the past month; I can't seem to write reviews I'm proud of, you see? And I think it's because I've been reading the same genre for too long and I don't know what to say anymore when I try to review books...

But worry not!

Rachel, the blogger behind The beauty and the bookshelf created this cool thing called Get Offa That Slump to help poor bloggers like me, well, get out of our blogging slump! You can participate even if you're not in a slump; Rachel's post idea are really fun and I'm sure you would find something that would interest you!

Alright, so with the rambling behind us, today's prompt is If you were a fictional character
And my friends, if I was a fictional character, I'd be Mallory, from Going Vintage.

I'll be honest, I obviously thought about Annabeth and Hermione. Who hadn't? (okay, maybe a lot of you didn't even think of them, but I sure did!) I mean, they're smart, bad ass, all around amazing... But if I'm honest with myself, I don't know if I could be as courageous as Annabeth in a fight. Or as brave as Hermione.

Then, I thought of Mallory.

Quick backup, if you're not familiar with Going Vintage, it's the story of a girl who decides to quit technology because her boyfriend cheated on her with an online girlfriend. Following the discovery of a list of goals her grandmother made when she was in high school, Mallory decides to follow it to complete her technology detox. 

It's a really great book, one of my FAV actually, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys contemporary once in a while (or all the time obviously!)

Until about a month ago, I didn't have a cellphone and I didn't want one either. I'm more on the anti-technology you see? Of course, I see the advantages of it, after all, I'm using my lap top to write this, but I think that people, kids to be more precise, are becoming antisocial because of technology. 

I want to have real conversation with people, I went them to call my home phone and ask to talk to me like it used to be. If I hang out with my friends, I don't want them to be on their phones, I want us to talks, laugh, have fun!

I truly believe that I was born in the wrong time. I say this and if I had been born 20 years earlier, I probably would have said something similar.  But the point is, I would have LOVE to live in a time before Internet and cellphones. 
That's why I can see myself in Mallory.

Also, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I ADORE everything vintage! I actually bought my prom dress at a vintage clothing show and in the book, Mallory's dress is also vintage. Coincidence? I think not.

Finally, I could totally be Mallory because of Oliver. Dreamy, amazing, wonderful Oliver. As readers, we all have book boyfriends/girlfriends. Oliver is pretty much on top of that list. Yeah, Percy is there too, but if I'm being realistic, I don't think I could actually date him because of his recklessness. I would worry all the time and I simply don't think it would work. But Oliver is the type of character I could see myself with. So yeah.


Hopefully, you found today's post somewhat interesting! And now, I'm throwing the ball to you:

Which fictional character would YOU be? Why?

I wish you a lovely week guys!