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Contact and Review Policy

Contact information

Well hi there!

Thanks for showing interest in Sailing Through Books! If you are looking to contact me to ask a question, make a suggestion or simply to chat, you can reach me through the following:

Twitter : @sailingthroughB

Requesting book reviews 

What type of books will I accept for review:
  • YA/NA Contemporary
  • YA/NA Fiction
  • YA/NA/Adult Fantasy
  • YA/NA Sci-fi
  • YA/NA/Adult Mystery
  • YA/NA/Adult Horror
  • YA/NA Romance
  • YA/NA Paranormal
  • YA/NA Dystopian

Books I won’t accept for review :
  • Historical fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Middle grade books
  • Any other books that hasn’t been mentioned above

Format I accept: 

I only accept physical copies of books as I do not read e-books. I try to limit my time online and prefer to stick with the good old paper format.

How do I review book?

The way I review a book changes depending on the experience I had with that book, but you can be assured that my reviews always include my honest opinion as well as a "back-cover review", which is essentially a sentence or two that summarize my review.
I also rate every book I review based on this system:

Where will I post my review?

My review will be posted on this blog, on my Goodreads account and on Amazon.

Who am I open to?

I am open to everyone including self-published or indie authors, but I reserve the right to decline an offer at any moment if I find that the book isn't a good fit for me.