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So you might have noticed this new page called Bloglovin, or the little bar on the right side that also says Bloglovin. And you might be wondering: Sophie, what is Bloglovin? I know I was asking myself this question when I first heard of it.

The answer is simple: it's a platform design to help you keep up with the blogs you like; aka it's the new way to follow bloggers you enjoy.

So as of now, if you want to follow Sailing Through Books, you can do so through Bloglovin. The option to follow by e-mail through feedburner will remain available, but the cool thing about Bloglovin is that it's literally a site dedicated to blogs and blogs only! You can browse blogs by category, save posts you like... It's just fun all around!

So what are you waiting for? Go follow Sailing Through Books and explore the blogosphere!