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The name is Bergeron. Sophie Bergeron.

Hello cupcakes!

Welcome to Sailing Through Books, a book blog created be an eighteen years old booklover having a mid-life crisis regarding her passion for reading.

Before, there were more post and a lot more YA love.
Now, the limbo phase.
Next? Who the hell knows!

My interests are constantly evolving, like everyone's I think. I also think that's normal and good. Staying the same all the time would be boring, don't you think?
You've landed on this blog in the middle of its mid-life crisis; my apologies, and also thank you! For showing interest in what I have to share. And what exactly is that? I'm not sure anymore. Love for YA? Adult books? Paranormal fiction? Thoughts on books in general?

Regardless of what I share as my next post, I hope you'll enjoy reading it because I remain a passionate, sassy on the side, creative, and honest booklover.

Take care lovelies!